Lives and Letters of an Immigrant Family: The van Dreveldts' Experiences along the Missouri, 1844-1866 was published by University of Nebraska Press in 1998. The book began as a translation of a large collection of family letters privately held by a German client. This link contains excerpts from the book and of several reviews as well as the text of a paper I delivered about the letters.

Reviews of Lives and Letters of an Immigrant Family

To read excerpts from the book, click below:

Priest Goossens and His Children
Theodor Begs for the King's Mercy
Anton "Makes Friends" in America
Young Bernhard's Courtship

Paper presented at a conference at Harvard University, "The German-American Tradition: German-American History and Literature in the context of American multilingualism," Sept. 17-19, 1998.

Personal Traits, Success, and Failure in Immigration: The Letters of the van Dreveldts

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